Dominic (dominoz_effect) wrote in mayer_claims,

My claims are up for grabs- I may delete my journal so I'm giving up my claims:]
-Dog Tag
-lyric from Clarity

And just so this isn't a pointless post, I guess I'll post that John Mayer's new album is available now, but *I think* only through

Here is a pic of the cover

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Heyyyy, that's not his new album! It's just a collection of a selection of songs that he performed and recorded live this past summer (2004) on his tour with Maroon 5. Lol, you got my hopes up! For his next album, I've heard that he's collaborating with... gosh, I don't remember for sure, I think it's Rob Thomas of Matchbox20, but don't quote me. Anyway, I'm just excited that he's already working on a new one!
Well it's technically new- Like when AGT came out people considered that a new album:/ ANd it does have unreleased songs hehe